Buckeye Ship Dock #1 Scour Protection

The Buckeye Ship Dock #1 Scour Protect project in the Port of Corpus Christi, TX required placing Rip-Rap rock as scour protection in 45 feet of water along about 600 feet of the Ship Dock’s sheet pile wall. Commercial Divers placed and secured a geotextile fabric on the harbor bottom. Then a 12” size Rip Rap stone was place as a “bedding stone” with a crane and clamshell bucket.

Enterprise Products TX City Dock 11/12 Repairs

The Enterprise Products – TX City Dock 11/12 repair project consisted of installing 4 each 20” x 120’ long batter pile, cast-in-place concrete cap; a 2-piece 260 linear foot steel walkway; 900 square feet of underside concrete breasting dolphin repair; and replacing fender accessories. All work was completed while allowing for uninterrupted, active Enterprise operations.

Port of Corpus Christi Authority Oil Dock 1 Structural Upgrades

This work generally includes the demolition of existing barge and ship breasting structures and associated walkways, modifications to the dock platform and mooring structures, as well as the construction of new breasting structures, walkways with lights, a new mooring structure, and performing maintenance repairs to various structures, dock house, and shoreline drainage.

Port of Beaumont Grain Dock Replacement

The Port of Beaumont Grain Dock Replacement Project consists of three main phases; demolition of existing Bulmer Towers / Concrete Wharf, Dredging, and re-build a multi-purpose concrete dock. The scope of work for project generally includes: removal of 3 existing Bulmer Towers and supporting foundations, remove 600 LF of concrete wharf, fully extract piles, dredge / widen dock area, drive precast pile, cast-in-place concrete caps and deck, breasting / mooring dolphins, electrical service, and fire water system. The intent of the project is to provide the Port of Beaumont with a multi-purpose loading dock that can withstand the size of incoming vessels.

USCG Pier November Recapitalization

This competitively bid subcontract was awarded for the Whiting-Turner design-build project for the United States Coast Guard in Charleston, South Carolina to demolish an existing 1,100 LF concrete pier and install a new 1,100 LF concrete pier to support 5 NSC Vessels.

San Jose Cattle Company Rockport Harbor & San Jose Island Harbor Improvements

The scope of this project includes removing and disposing of the existing concrete panels and blocks, ramps, and wooden deck structures before installing 1751LF of steel pipe pile and steel sheet pile bulkhead combi-wall with concrete cap, as well as fenders and mooring accessories. This project also includes the installation of additional piling for finger piers.

Howard Energy – GT Logistics New Ship Dock #2

During this $20 million project, a steel dock platform, including under deck piping, and an approachway, including 4 pile caps and 4 deck slabs, will be transported, set, and finished. The scope of work also includes transporting, installing, and finishing 4 ea. 84” diameter steel breasting piles with precast concrete top, fender elements, mooring bollards, and capstans, 3 ea. 54” diameter steel protection piles, 4 ea. 66” diameter steel mooring dolphin piles, 3 ea. steel walkways, a dock house platform, and the piperack steel structures.

Ancel Brundrett Memorial Pier

The scope of this project for the City of Port Aransas included the construction of a new pedestrian/ community fishing pier with 16” x 16” concrete piles with lengths of 55’ – 70’, along with 12 ea. 13’-6”, 6 ea. 15’-8”, and 1ea. Intersecting precast pile caps. Pier construction began prior to the landside demo and construction, during which crews worked to demolish the existing sidewalk and framework and proceeded to the construction and installation of the pier, which included 852 feet of precast concrete beams, in addition to ADA-compliant handrails and guardrails.

Galveston Wharves Berth 10 Rehabilitation

This project included the rehabilitation of a withering concrete pier for Galveston Wharves/Royal Caribbean consisting of concrete pier demolition, installing steel pipe pile, and installing new concrete dolphins and fendering apparatuses. Operations were located at Berth 10 in Galveston, TX. The new design of the pier enables the owner to use an Oasis class of cruise ship.

USCG Rebuild Port Aransas Station

The scope of this competitively bid contract for the United States Coast Guard in Port Aransas, Texas was comprised of the installation and construction of their new Marine Bulkhead Facility. This project consisted of 450 linear feet of sheet pile bulkhead, 300 linear feet of sheet pile deadman with tie back system, an all-new fuel system, electrical, and a steel boat house.