Union Pacific Lufkin Bridge 19.06

Union Pacific Bridge 19.06 Lufkin Sub – Segment Replacement Length: 873.2 Feet. This project included the replacement of the existing bridge at milepost 19.06 over the West Fork San Jacinto River in Harris County, Texas. The existing structure was 979.5 feet in length, and comprised of 39 spans with varying type and length.

POCCA Oil Dock 14

The scope of work for Construction of Oil Dock 14 Project consists of dry excavation of dry excavation of 66,000 yd3, hydraulic dredging of 460,000 yd3, 600 LF of new tie-back (anchored) sheet pile bulkhead wall, and 780 LF new HZ combi wall. Russell Marine was also responsible for the four (4) pipe pile supported concrete breasting structures with a new fendering system. The oil dock also included a dock house, entry road, paved parking area, on-site septic system, electricity, lighting, and a firewater system.

POCCA Oil Dock 15

The scope of work for Construction of Oil Dock 15 generally includes: dredging, construction of a dock platform and approach way with multi-pile breasting and monopile mooring structures, fendering system, installation of shoreline sheet pile bulkhead and articulated block mat shoreline revetment. Site work improvements include a limestone parking and work area, area lighting, potable water and a firewater system.

Magellan Galena Park Ship Dock Expansion

The scope of work for Magellan Galena Park Ship Dock Expansion consisted of two phases. Phase 1: Ship Dock 3 started June 2016 – completed October 2017 and Phase 2: Ship Dock 1 started November 2017 – completed July 2019. Phase 1 scope included installing 260LF of AZ sheet pile bulkhead, approach structure consisting of 57- 42” piles with pre cast concrete caps, precast panels and cast in place approach ramp, 300 LF of AZ sheet pile toe-wall driven to final grade elevation of -18.