Galveston Wharves Berth 10 Rehabilitation

Project Description:

This project included the rehabilitation of a withering concrete pier for Galveston Wharves/Royal Caribbean consisting of concrete pier demolition, installing steel pipe pile, and installing new concrete dolphins and fendering apparatuses. Operations were located at Berth 10 in Galveston, TX. The new design of the pier enables the owner to use an Oasis class of cruise ship.

The first phase saw the demolition of the existing concrete pier poured in the 1940s, which included 20 ea. reinforced concrete deck removal locations, requiring core drilling, saw cutting, and wire sawing. 

In the next phase, RM installed new breasting dolphins, pile driving 18”, 36”, 42” steel pile x 168 LF and installing:

  • Concrete dolphins (16’ x 25’ – 6” x 10’) x 23 ea.
  • Fenders (7′ X 14′ EHC foam filled) x 17 ea.
  • Mooring bollards (100 ton and 200 ton) x 17 ea.
Project Images
Project Specifications
Award Date: July 30, 2021
Completion Date: July 2022
Location: Galveston, TX