Howard Energy – GT Logistics New Ship Dock #2

Project Description:

During this $20 million project, a steel dock platform, including under deck piping, and an approachway, including 4 pile caps and 4 deck slabs, will be transported, set, and finished. The scope of work also includes transporting, installing, and finishing 4 ea. 84” diameter steel breasting piles with precast concrete top, fender elements, mooring bollards, and capstans, 3 ea. 54” diameter steel protection piles, 4 ea. 66” diameter steel mooring dolphin piles, 3 ea. steel walkways, a dock house platform, and the piperack steel structures. Additionally, the electrical & instrumentation, and piping materials will be transported, installed, and commissioned. To support this work, 293,000 CY will be dredged. 

Project Images
Project Specifications
Award Date: June 2016
Completion Date: October 2019
Location: Port Arthur, TX