Magellan Galena Park Ship Dock Expansion

Project Description:

The scope of work for Magellan Galena Park Ship Dock Expansion consisted of two phases. Phase 1: Ship Dock 3 started June 2016 – completed October 2017 and Phase 2: Ship Dock 1 started November 2017 – completed July 2019.

Phase 1 scope included installing 260LF of AZ sheet pile bulkhead, approach structure consisting of 57- 42” piles with pre cast concrete caps, precast panels and cast in place approach ramp, 300 LF of AZ sheet pile toe-wall driven to final grade elevation of -18. Ship Dock 3 structure was cast in place concrete, over precast panels on precast caps on 57- 24”x 24” x 90’ and 100’ concrete piles. Upon completion of dock structure 4 marine loading arms were installed along with 2 barge gangways and 1 pedestal mounted ship gangway and a dock service crane. Phase 1 also included 300 LF of HZ combi-wall with A-frame tie-back structures, 32 pipe rack foundations on HP14 x 89 x 120’, full face fender system on 8- 42” x 120’ pipe piles, 5- 84” mooring piles, 4- 84” breasting piles and hydraulic dredging of 93,200 cubic yards. 

Phase 2 scope included demolition and removal of existing Ship Dock 1 structure consisting of concrete dock, pre-cast double tees and varying size pipe pile supports, demolition of existing flat sheet cells (5) and 500 LF of AZ bulkhead. The replacement bulkhead that was installed included 650 LF of HZ combi-wall with battered tie-back pile welded to each king pile. The new cast in place dock structure sits on the HZ wall and on pre-cast panels and caps atop 36- 24”x24” varying length concrete piles. This dock is protected by a full face fender system on 7- 42”x 120’ pipe piles. Also included in this portion of the contract were 46 – HP14 x 73 x 100’ approach support and pipe rack foundation piles, as well as setting 7 refurbished marine loading arms, 2 barge gangways,1 pedestal mounted ship gangway on the completed dock. This phase also included 3- 72”x 120’ landside mooring piles, 4- 84”x 120’ breasting piles and 4- 84” x 140’ mooring piles. A metal bulkhead structure was designed, fabricated and set for scour protection over shallow pipelines entering the channel through the bulkhead.

Project Images
Project Specifications
Award Date: Second column
Completion Date: October 2019
Location: Galena Park, TX