USCG Pier November Recapitalization

Project Description:

This competitively bid subcontract was awarded for the Whiting-Turner design-build project for the United States Coast Guard in Charleston, South Carolina to demolish an existing 1,100 LF concrete pier and install a new 1,100 LF concrete pier to support 5 NSC Vessels. 

This project also consists of demolishing the concrete superstructure and piling substructure, installing 460 each 24” x 80’-0” long square concrete pile with 40’-0” steel stingers, installing a 28” thick two-way cast-in-place slab, installing 16 each 12’x24’ foam fenders, marine bollards, and accessories, and installing a 750 LF AZ52-700 sheet pile bulkhead with soil anchor tie-backs. 

Project Images
Project Specifications
Award Date: August 1, 2022
Est. Completion Date: October 30, 2025
Location: Charleston, SC